Methods of Communication in Business






            Business communication is an essential part of conducting and operating a properly run business. Every organization needs to setup route of communication and train personnel to use these methods to convey their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions. Basically, business communication is a communication method that promotes a products, service, or organization. It also relays information within a business, which is known as internal business communication. It may also function as an official statement from a company or organization. With the increase in technology, business communication methods, internally, and externally have increased. Today, businesses have more ways in which to communicate with each other, with their clients, and their customers. Business communication in is found in various forms of business which include, marketing, brand management, customer relations, consumer behavior, advertising, public relations, corporate communication, community engagement, reputation management, interpersonal communication, employee engagement, and event management. There are various forms of external and internal business communication.

Five Methods of Communication

            There are various methods of communication that are used in business organizations. We will focus on the five of these communication means in order to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Five of the communication methods are:

  1. Video conferencing
  2. Face-to-face meetings
  3. Reports
  4. E-mail
  5. Presentations

            Each communication methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. One great advantage of video conferencing is that people in different locations can come together to hold an interactive meeting without having to pay an expensive especially if the organization has international affiliates or freelance workers that are working from a virtual office in a different country or different location from where the organization is situated (Dyrud, 2001). One of the disadvantages of video conferencing is that it can require a high speed internet connection and other equipment to ensure that the meeting is productive and does not face any issues. Face-to-face meetings are considered to be the best as they allow a great deal of interaction between employees and clients. They also build a bridge of trust with the realistic interaction. One disadvantage of this method is that it may cost more if the employees or individuals need to travel a great deal of distance (Limaye & Victor, 1991).

             Reports are used as a communication method to document the activities that are conducted in departments. These are great for record keeping but may cost the company more in terms of paper, printing, and organization of reports. E-mail has become a very come form of communication in any organization as it is a fast way to communicate with thousands of individuals from various locations within and outside the organization. One drawback of an e-mail is that it needs to portray the message in concise writing as it can be used in a court of law (Guffey & Loewy, 2012). Lastly, presentations are mean of communication within an organization in terms of projecting ideas about a product or service. This method can use various forms of audio and visuals to portray their message be more interactive. One disadvantage of this method is that presentations need to be short and to the point, as long presentations have a tendency for the audience to lose focus.

Communication Scenarios

Late and Untidy Employee

            If one of my employees is constantly late and untidy in terms of leaving food and drinks at the work station I would need to address the situation by first putting through an e-mail to have the employee recognize their ill behavior. If that does not bring a change in behavior a face to face meeting will be set-up with the employee in order to converse with them to understand their reasons for these actions and the negative impact that it is leaving them and the organization as a whole (Anderson, 2013). With will allows the employee some time to change their way without any dire consequences. It would be best to first tackle the situation when it first begins, but chronic lateness is a sign that the employee may be suffering with a personal issue and it is imperative to discuss with the employee the situation. The meeting can be productive by listening attentively to what the employee has to stay. The second issue of the unclean work space needs to be handled directly; the employee will be called into the office to have them understand that this is not tolerable.  

Company Special Event

            When conveying a message to a great deal of people, for example for a company event, the best means of communication would be through e-mail and floating a memo to have all employees know that such an event is taking place. An example of an e-mail would be:

To: All Employees

Subject: Company Special Event


All employees should be aware that the company will be holding a special event on November 20, 2013. It is for the company’s 25th birthday, all employees are invited. The event will take place at the following:


Location- Olive’s; Address: 123, 12  Avenue, ABC Boulevard

Time- 6 PM

Telephone- 123-123-1234

It is a formal event so please note that appropriate attire is a must. For those of you who will need directions please call the venue’s location in advance.

Thank You

 Competitor Contract

            The best form of communication of when a client might be signing a contract with a competitor is to confirm the news. This can be through a telephone conversation with the client that may lead to a face to face meeting or a luncheon in order to discuss the client’s feedback on the business that is being provided.

Management Decision

            If there are three bids on a piece of equipment and management decision is needed to purchase the equipment it is best to send the management an e-mail as well as a memo for the equipment. The memo should be like a mini-report that includes the price of the equipment, the reason for its purchase, and how it will benefit the productivity of the department or the company. This is a faster way to get a decision than compared to creating a full length report or presentation as the equipment is up for bidding.  


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